By the time this kid hit puberty, he discovered a keen passion for disposing every
wack rappers characters . Though his parents did not agree with his desires, he
quickly accepted any negative statements as a form of a motivation. Weapon-EX
is what they call this crazy nut. All through high school, he gained a respect for
that name and of course for ripping emcees for lunch and serving them to theyre
mothers for dinner. Now school, that was another issue. He and his father battled
many years for his grades to stay up, but he still managed to graduate from that
garbage. Its not that this fella didnt like education, he just thought it was a stop
sign to be who you are. Music is his main interest, not being a thug...he is newly
known as Ross Vega. So watch out, hell be shutting down the industry, near you.

Signing off from backstage.. peace and love
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