Underground,psychedelic heavy/hard rock w/ a fresh twist. Showcasing old school rock guitar w/ vivid solos, unique rhythm sections and five different singers. Doesn't sound exactly like any groups; been compared to Van Halen,Chili Peppers,Primus
Rush, Sabbath, Frank Zappa, Lenny Kravitz,Kiss,
produced by guitarist BigBearTheory

Press Info

catchy rhythms, reminiscent of Lenny
Kravitz meets Larry Mitchill. exceptional playing. Aug.2002 "BallBuster" mag.

Bernhardt has also released a vocal cd
which shows more of his emerging musical talents.
Aug. 2002, "20th Century Guitar"

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Lenny Kravitz,Chlil Peppers,Frank Zappa,Van Halen


Van Halen,Sabbath,Rush,Zeppelin


Project to show Big Bear's earliest infl.
of rock guitar(other cd's -more jazz)
Familiar, yet fresh. Heavy, but not metal.
Alternative to alternative. Real variety within the hard rock genre! Each song is different from the others.
Features: Dean Pizzato(50 Foot Woman, Sweet Elixir,Mozart Street) on drums.
Mark Vickery(Sumo) vocals. ABNORM
with some intellectual rap. FRIZZ(Dead Nuggets Dish) bass. MR DP & Rob Blonski on bass as well. Rae Christie
and Ray Rosas helping out on vocals.
Big Bear sings a few tracks as well.

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