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--- Here's what the critics are saying --- this really you?...A.B.

...your personality is showing!...M.T.

...did you even consider what the audience wants?...J.C.

...there's no such word as indignation!...R.K.

...what exactly is comin' together?...#121

...if critiques are anonymous do they still count?...#007 can I put this politely?...P.D. wife won't let me listen to your music anymore...B.C.

...don't you have to get a recording license or something?...J.T.'re a conceited egomaniac!...J.M.'s really you...C.W.

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Clever Garage Rock


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The Short Version

Sometimes I feel a little bit like one of those inmates who wake up
to find themselves inexplicably in control of the asylum!
As a "hired gun" guitarist I'd play anything, anytime, anywhere, but,
after years of defending musical integrity against incessant assaults
and with my resistance to compromise under siege,
the urge for rebellion became overwhelming!
I seized the microphone,
and opened the gate to a renaissance.
Committed to the pursuit of my own artistic goals,
I've now set forth on my own path armed with
an aggressive electric guitar style
and focused lyrics that reflect
an urbane and provocative point of view.
With melodies locked to contemporary rhythms,
subtle traces of sophisticated jazz harmony,
and layered guitars blazing trails of classical counterpoint,
this is truly a fusion of genres integrated into
a unique Rock and Roll sound.

o'kay ... o'kay ... It's just me lippin' off over guitars and drums !!
You'll like it !! . . . K.I.M.


I must have been under the influence of something!


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Complaint: # 1.
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Yup! In this case dishonesty is probably the best policy and more fun!
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Re: Complaint: # 1.
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