Don't be fooled. Volts United IS NOT another indie rock band with a keyboard. A Genuine Electronica production group with a hip-hop and rock influence. All of this wrapped around a live performance that never stop amazing.

The Dukes of the Decibel

In the beginning there was a shady dance club placed outside an inspiring Dallas skyline. It would be here that group members Jackson and Vik would unite to form one of the most impressive electronic acts today. It was thought by the two that standing behind some cd decks looking cool was not enough. While the path was unclear, the mission was defined. Give the people what they want! Volts United has gone on to please crowds ever since with their show like interaction applied to electronic music.

"After a long night of watching and listening to the same old shit, I love to see the look on people's faces when we burn the place down. Right from the very first drop of the beat the crowd seems so relieved with an expression that says... YES FINALLY!" (Jackson)

Volts United (a.k.a The Dukes of the Decibel), has always taken pride as live production artists. Owning and operating their own state of the art studio, they are confident in the original material produced with the satisfaction of self sufficiency. The incorporation of live guitar (Vik), synthesizers (Jackson), and vocals are guaranteed to keep a fresh live element. Also not uncommon is a flood of guest artist attracted to such an endeavor. No restrictions from genre labels here. If it sounds good, then it's in, and anything goes with the dukes. Ask them what style they play, they will answer with whatever they feel like playing. Only one standard exists, an intense yet melodic feel with classical composition. Pushing buttons, twisting knobs, banging keys, and shredding strings; manipulating sounds waves is what they do. While other groups may have their day, Volts United will have the night.

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