Listening to Vitor Vassalo's self-titled debut album is almost like looking at a random collection of paintings. Each song uses a different set of colours, musically; and a different subject matter, lyrically!
These songs range from being closely personal to being socially conscious. But, all in all, it's all about what Vitor Vassalo experiences and how he understands it; and he does this with a strikingly beautiful mix of unpolished honesty and gracefully simple melodies and harmonies!
Vitor Vassalo has this unique, naked and warm voice, with a distinct timber which serves as a signature mark for a record that is just as much organic as it is eclectic, which certainly fits in the alternative pop/rock category, although with wider sounds and ambiances.

Sketch Me In

"As child of Portugal's nonviolent April Revolution I witnessed firsthand the power of compelling love the kind that makes you dream, fight and reach. I was raised in Lisbon throughout this political upheaval, of a newborn democracy. It's in that context that I began finding ways to paint my world through music.

I believe in God above. So the quest for truth and the spiritual knowledge are driving forces in my life. And although I don't have a particular agenda within my songs, I believe love is the most powerful weapon against intolerance and injustice, acting like a guiding light for our cold and unwise minds.

In 2004 I began working with Nelson Canoa, an excellent musician and promising producer, to make an album with short financial resources and in an independent way. The album was finished in April 2007.

After almost 2 years of a "shake hands" agreement with a national record label and countless "You're great but this is not the right moment. Just wait and trust us..." I got fed up with them and just shut the door."

Vitor Vassalo

The debut "unlabeled" album is available for free download, beginning on December 1st, 2008 through January 7th, 2009.

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