Vinc2 lives in the mountains of the french alps but this is between the mountains of his soul that his music will take you. In these musical landscapes, you will find delicate piano, discret beats, dreamy cello, aerial clarinet, ethereal sounds and a calm, and more rarely a reassuring vocal tone. But you can also find a thunder of electric guitars and electronic experimentations. If you are ready to get lost in a sea of feelings, you can weigh anchor and let the boat of your thoughts leave the firm ground.

Vincent Coudert is a self-educated musician, composer and sound engineer born in 1988 in the Paris region. He has started to compose music since the age of 16 years old. Vinc2 (to pronounce "Vincz") is the name of his mainly-instrumental project. Each record has his own thematic and its own musical universe : ambient, electronica, post-rock, neoclassical ...
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