Just a guy and his guitar, playing his songs for anyone who want's to hear them.

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Well it all started in November of 1999 when Ryan (myself) moved back from college. There was this guy named kris miller (fat kris) and he and ryan were pretty close friends and kris kept ranting and raving about this guy who was a good drumer that wanted to start a band, so i check him out and he was bad his name was chris trombley (choping tromblhi) and then a bass player came out by the name of little josh he played bass for a while but then the singer fat kris started not to like him and the drumer didn't like him, and at times i didn't like him, so i had to let him go because every one else were pussies and couldn't do it. Then this guy named Mike Standley started playing bass, it was great accept I ryan was pussy wiped, and I used to get butt hurt all the time, and didn't really hang out with the band, and then Kris and Chris got in this fight and Fat Kris punch the window in chris's car and he was fed up and the band brokeup, and fat kris and mikey moved to Diego, and I moved to SLO with the girl (ya she dumped me like two weeks after moving there, so I drank even more than I did but it was ok) Chris Trombley woudl come down to visit and about six months later we got back together for two show's and Trombley got in some poppy band and called it a quits. So i (ryan) joined a poppy band. But then I got tired of SLO and droppe out of the poppy band and moved home, to drink with my homies and fuck school and get a job. So now we are up to speed, Chris Trombley moved

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