Vidya Sundar born in communistic Poland is a self taught guitarist and composer, former student of architecture , graphic designer, song writer and inventor. As a teenager he started composing melodies to famous Polish poems. He played in bands (jazz, funk, reggae, underground) as a bassist and a lead guitarist. At the age of 25 Vidya travelled half the globe and lived as a monk in India for 7 years. He currently lives in Western Canada. He has revived his life purpose as a musician by bringing from India his instrument he called veenar that he designed and developed with the help of a local luthier in Kolkata. This instrument has been rebuilt in Canada in 2012. The music that veenar inspired was a land mark in Vidya's long awaited musical career. Vidya Sundar sings and writes socially conscious songs. "Our Lives" is all about voicing out the search for the inner beauty in today's conflicting world. He is talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and aspiring arranger.

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