Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is song about transformation. The character in the song had a life-changing experience that was horrible and now wants to retreat from his humanity and become more like an android (hence the Six Million Dollar Man, Blade Runner, Tin Man from Oz, and Data from Star Trek references.) The Uncanny Valley was named because its the dip in reaction that people have to a robot thats "too human". People are revolted by facsimiles that look almost right but arent perfect and hes revolted because hes not happy being fully mechanical or fully human. "Machine" is his mantra, what he keeps saying to remind himself that his logic is in control and not his emotions. The song is all about trying to be more like a computer, he seeks "emptiness" but "the cyber core is only skin deep" and the internal struggle that results from it. This is like our version of "Turbo Lover" by Judas Priest or a sonic interpretation of Darth Vader.

Director Mike Huberty
Credits Written and performed by Sunspot.
Associated Song Uncanny Valley

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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