Trashy Hot

Trashy Hot is similar thematically to our song, "Meat Market", but on the opposite side of the spectrum. While "Meat Market" condemned the hooking-up culture and its emotionally meaningless physical liaisons, "Trashy Hot" is a celebration of it. A lot of times youre hanging out with dudes and their porno and Victorias Secret-addled minds have made them believe that real live actual women are supposed to look like that. Not only does that make women feel horrible about themselves (which equals feeling less sexy and we all know where that leads), it also means that a lot of men would rather go spend time with their hands than with someone who doesnt quite meet their physical ideal. Not that people shouldnt be careful with their gift of sexuality, but Christ Almighty, theres a lot of people who just need to let their preconceived and advertisement-programmed notions of beauty go and get laid. The character in this song couldnt agree more. The sound of this tune is kind of MUSE meets AC/DC. Its straight ahead rock but the verses and pre-choruses have some more modern guitars.

Director Mike Huberty
Credits Taped at The Frequency in Madison, WI. 3/28/09 Cameras by Wyatt Bowman, Matt Apps, Dave Conner, Jeff Klahn, and Steve Harrington.
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