Drop Your Guns ft. B.U

Music Video - A family is in crisis, a man on the street screams into his phone, a squeegee punk yells at a passing car... these scenes of vitriol and conflict are juxtaposed with images of the child and the happy family, reminding us that there are consequences to our actions and compelling us to Drop Our Guns.

Director Raphael Lacaille
Credits Film Crew: Quartier Cartier Director - Raphael Lacaille DOP / Editing - Daniel Daigle The husband and father - Sule Heitner The wife and mother - Geneviève Bastien The daughter - Lily Rose Heitner Scenareo / Man on the phone - Benjamin Déziel Squeegee Punk Girl - Cassandra Emmanuel Man in car / Rapper - Patrick B.U Joseph Father - Alexandre Dubois Child 1 - Christophe Dubois Bousquet Là Child 2 -Margot Dubois Bousquet Là Special Thanks To: Olivier Laroche, Patrick B.U Joseph, Martine Bérubé, Pedro Barbosa, Norma Heitner, Sophie Mailhot, Raphael Lacaille, Daniel Daigle, Benjamin Déziel, Geneviève Bastien, Cassandre Émanuel, Alexandre Dubois, Christophe Dubois Bousquet Là, Margot Dubois Bousquet Là, Peter Van Uytfanck, Jesse Jaeo Tolbert, Lily Rose Heitner, FACTOR.

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