Tale Of Two Kims

She's My Girl

Last Summer

This One Horse Town


Back In The Game

I'll Be Happy For Now

Santa Claus Is A Criminal

Just To Be With You

I Wish I Loved Remix

Always Too Willing

You Start My Day

I Wish That I Loved

Getting By

That Broadway Feeling 2017

Spirits Are Memories

Playing The Game

A Life Lost

Arnold Palmer


Sick And Tired

I Never Made It To Woodstock

Trying To Find

To Like Country

Somebody Like You

Climb The Mountain

Big Jim's Song

Just Living

And After ?

Three Chords And A Lie

In A Nutshell

Me And Margarita

She Stuck It To Me

I'll Never Find Another You

A Brief Rendezvous

Too Soon

Its A Win Win Situation

There's Something Wrong

Corporate Dance

Corporate Dance

Don't Leave The Seat Up

Looking Back

Taking The Wrong Way Home

Ive Got The POA Blues Again


Hunter S Thompson Land

Unfinished Business

24 Carat Friend

If I'm Not Drunk

Things We Never Did

Where Did You Go ?

Story Of A Country Singer

I'd Love To Call You Darlin'


Goin' Nowhere

I Got The "Can't Seem to Get A Decent Full English Breakfast" Blues Again

Breaking News

When Will Our Eyes

Legally High

The Light That Used To Shine

Going Nowhere

I've Got The Robert Johnson Paranoia Blues Again

Searching Remix

Gettin' Outta Here

Never Heard Of The Beatles

Not About You


Tangled Up In Grey


Free Again

Ballad Of A Singer Songwriter

Thinking Isn't Your Best Friend

Out The Door

Thinking Isn't Your Best Friend

Not In Control

Its True

Tell Me The Truth

Once Upon A Time

Free Spirit

Incident At Yale

She's Got Nothin'

If You Were With Me

As You Leave The Room

The Things I Love To Hate


Knowing My Luck

In My Defense

Misery Train

Misery Train

What More Could Go Wrong ?

Dont Blame Me For Leaving

We Are One

Broken Bossa Nova Blues

Coming Home

Man In The Corner

Things Could Be Worse

That Girl

Always There Remix


An Odd Pair Of Socks

Proud To Be An I.T. Dinosaur


Back Then


Lord, Hear My Plea

Lets Get Naked


The Duchess, The Paparazzi and Me

Dont Tak To Me About The Olympcs

That Broadway Feeling

Out Of Sync

The Scourge

The Folk Singer

JJ Was A Metalhead

I Want My Dog Back

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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