Stay With Us Mamma

me (Robb Spencer) and Valery daignault singing an original song I wrote with a video montage about huntingtons disease and the passing of my father.thank you so much Larry Dillon for recording and co-producing. special thanks Valery Daignault for singing the part of "Mamma". the video is footage of me playing for my father in his hospital bed the day he passed intertwined with shots of me performing the song for my mother christmas day. lyrics: Stay with us mamma I still remember back when i was so young, life was so sweet, cause you were my mamma. Im sure you still recall the first word i said, or when id crawl in your bed, youd hold my heart. you were so scared youd lose me, like you did your sheila before. youd hold me, never scold me, even when you knew i was wrong, cause i was your son. stay with me mamma dont ever go I still remember back when you were so young, you were so sweet, you were my son. I still remember the first word that you said, you crawled into my bed, you called me mamma. I was so scared that id lose you, like i did my sheila before. id hold you, tried not to scold you, i did my best just to mold you. stay with your mamma, dont ever go It always hurts me when you put yourself down, walking around thinking your not the greatest. youve got 3 kids who love you, one looking down from above you, and were so scared that well lose you, like we did our daddy before. stay with us mamma, dont ever go Ive got 3 kids who love me, one looking down from above me and im so scared that ill lose them, like i did my sheila before stay with us mamma, dont ever go we still have memories of when we were so young

Director Robb Spencer
Credits written by Robb Spencer. Video montage by Robb Spencer. Vocals and Guitar by Robb Spencer. Featuring Valery Daignault as "Mamma" on vocals. Audio Co-produced by Larry Dillon and Robb Spencer
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