Enormously Insignificant

You are 1 person out of 7 billion people, on 1 solar system out of 200 billion solar systems, in 1 galaxy out of 200 billion galaxies, in 1 universe out of an infinite number of parallel universes, and that makes you ENORMOUSLY insignificant to this world. After 2 years of making, Open Source proudly announces his upcoming "ENORMOUSLY insignificant" solo album, including 9 new soulful tracks made out of extreme effort. His fifth solo album will be elevated as a musical apocalypse. The producer stated that the final result was achieved after countless hours of intense work and energy consumption. Every piece is a self-inclusive story with strong editing complexity, brilliant vocal lines and a picturesque melody, uniquely made for enticing you to stand up and move. Expect AWESOME uplifting vibes, produced with enormous passion, proficiency and compiled for ambitious non-commercial tastes.

Director Open Source
Credits Aggelos Mavros (aka Open Source) would like to thank Bill Lambropoulos - the only person who enjoyed his music since the beginning. Deep compliments for their work go to two enormously significant ancient personalities, Plato & Socrates. From the world of the living, two important psy trance producers must be thanked and those are "Hi Profile" from Athens for his absolute masterpiece "Strange Personality" & "Haldolium" from Bremen for his extremely significant production "Equality".

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Clean Clean

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