Praise Song: No Greater Friend

Original Worship/Praise music by The NorthPark Community Church worship band, Stephen Petree and Matthew Stemme. Story: The beginnings of this song came by way of the 4th century writings of Saint Ambose. I discovered his work while reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer's 1938 book "Life Together". Bonhoeffer penned this book while leading an underground Christian seminary in Nazi Germany. To Thee our morning songs of praise. To thee our evening prayer we raise; Thy glory suppliant we adore For ever and for evermore It does the heart good to greet the morning with praise and to kneel with prayer upon the fading of day's light. A common call to all whom seek to to walk the paths and waysides of life with God. Those original words of Ambrose comforted Dietrich Bonhoeffer and beckons today's Christian pilgrim. it leads the heart to sing and to recognize our greatest friend.

Credits Stephen Petree and Elizabeth Von Busch vocals and music. NorthPark Community Church Worship team.
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