What Color Am I

A message in song that should be heard by the world. "What Color Am I" was penned by Texas Songwriter, Troy McConnell and performed by Nashville singer, Linda Mckenzie (www.facebook.com/lindamckenziefan). This is just a simple video put together on Martin Luther King Day 2015 by the vocal performer ... nothing fancy, but the message is the focus. Hope you share & enjoy! Special "Thank You" to Lebanon Tennessee's Wilson Central High School Marching Band! (yall rock!) 1-19-2015 this was my facebook post this morning ... which prompted this video to be put up today .... " Ok so I woke up, made a few calls, then realized everyone is closed for business on this, Martin Luther King Day. Then I thought about all the violence in the modern world today. Then I thought about how all the violence stems from people of world just being "different" from themselves! How absurd! How vain! Who is so lofty to think that others have not an equal right to exist simply because of their heritage or their looks? Then I thought of my friend, Troy McConnell ... and a perfect song that he wrote years ago addressing this matter. So I dug out a copy of the song called "What Color Am I" (which I was honored to sing when I asked Troy 20 years ago if I could cover his song because I really believed in it then and I still believe in it now). Hats off to you Troy, for penning such a wonderfully truthful message. P.S. In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I phoned Troy today to ask him if I could put the song up here. He said YES! I am thrilled to present this beautiful message in song to you! I am going to put together a few pics on Windows Movie Maker, then add the song .... so stand by while the challenged computer girl goes to work ... to be continued..... I'm not the worlds best at quickly making computers mind ... so it will be a minute yall ....." and I'm glad I donated a day of my life to put this song back where it needs to be ... which is out of my file drawer and out i

Director Linda Mckenzie

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