Whatever You Fear

That Will Cost You

Should I Pretend

Sail the Skies

Please Stay That Way

Mountain Touches the Sky

It Seems a Bit Late

I Got That Easy Feeling

Ever So Sweet Ever So Gentle

Constellation Of Rhythm

Can You Touch My Heart

You're Someone I'll Always Remember

Why Don't We All Get Along

The Flypaper Jam

If There's A Way

I May Not Be The One For You

Don't Underestimate Your Woman

You're Pullin' On Me

You're Nothing Without It (inst.)

You're Drivin' Me Crazy

You Switched On A Light

You Lift Me Up To The Sky

You Have To Know (I Love You So)

You Got The Love I Really Need

When We Don't Think Family

Trouble Tek You Pickni Shut Fit You

Time Has No Limit

This Thing I Feel For You

Sixteen Years Of A Really Bad Love

Rhapsody In Retromotion

On A Trip to Paradise

Not Ready For What's To Come

No Easy Way To Say Goodbye

No Doubt About It

Music Time All Over There

Mother's Not Feelin' So Good These Days

Lost But Not Found

Let Me Go With You (I'll Always Love You)

Late Flight

Just Another Game To You

It's Meant To Be Us

I'm Gonna Have A Good Day

I'll Have A Change Of Heart

If You Leave Me I'm Comin' With You

If You Ever Lose The Touch

I Wish I'd Never Have To

I Could Use It (A True Love)

Hear The Shoe Fall

Has It Ever Occured To You (That A Girl Can Hurt)

Go, Think Something Of Yourself

Fragile! Handle With Care

Don't You See (Touch My Heart)

Buckle Up

Broken Promises Only Make A Broken Heart

And Then It Was Too Late

A Whole Lot Of Lovin' For You

You Are Your Destiny

Reggae Jubilee

Power In The Air

Just A Bit Of Your Time (Just A Little Bit)

Island Soul (Got Me Rollin' On)

I Wish, I Wish

Fragile Handle With Care (inst.)

Don't Play That Song (That Sad Song)

You're Nothing Without It

Why Can't We Get It Right

Party Mix

Just Another Game To You (inst.)

Got To Win Her Love (Can't Do Without It)

Get That Easy Feeling

Come, Chase The Wind

A Rose Can Mean So Much

You Really, Really Love

You Make Me Feel So Fine

You Lift Me Up To The Sky (inst)

When I Am With You (My Troubles Go Away)

Look The Other Way (Just Ignore Them)

Listen To The Rhythm of Love

Just Think About Yourself

I'm The One You Dream Of

I'm Still Here For You

I'm Gonna Fly Away (That's A Shame)

I Like The Kind Of Love That You Give To Me

Dance in Paradise

Come Back to Me

A Letter for Loretta

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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