What do a pair of award winning songwriters do when the whole country is on Lockdown? Why they write a song about it of course. With lyrics from Grammy winning writer Terry Abrahamson, and music produced and sung by Derrick Procell, this lighthearted take on a very serious matter was put together with file sharing musical contributions from some of Chicago's fines musicians. The video is also tied to a fund raising effort to raise money for some of the hardest hit gig workers we know...the musicians.

Director Meredith Colby
Credits Vocals/keys-Derrick Procell Guitars/bass/drums-Kraig McCreary Trombone/Horn arrangement-Kevin Cline Saxophone/Mastering-Jim Massoth Trumpet-Carey Deadman Video-Meredith Colby Music Production-Derrick Procell

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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