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Victor Lafrance recieved his first guitar from his father at the age of 13 .Unknowingly, It opened a world of meaning and expression he had been longing for. Soon after Victor began to practice many hours a day. His influences range from Metal to Rock to Classical. Victors style can be considered a cross between Dimebag Darrel's Crunching Rhythms and Avenged Seven folds melodic rock soloing. Victor continues to push the envelope in modern Rock with his unique approach. Within his first stages as a guitarist he studied subjects Like scales, theory, classical finger style, picking, and then styles like jazz,rock,blues,and metal. In early 2000 Victor heard about Jacksonville-based Rock Guitar Virtuoso Tony Smotherman and began studying under him. Tony took his playing to new heights with emphasis on melodicism ,chord structuring , as well as techniques like sweep picking, Alternate picking, and exotic soloing . Victor began to take these techniques and use them in accordance to his own interpretation. Tired of the music scene in Jacksonville Victor decided to write and produce all his own material. As he continues to write and work on musical ideas he is looking for like minded artists to grow with. In particular Bass, Drums, and a vocalist. As Victors writing style continues to develop and take on it's own individuality Victor is a non-stop worker in his dream to create music with the right band members .Victor recently recorded a demo showcasing his melodic soloing and powerful technique. The songs were done on a backing track in contrasting styles in an effort to shop deals with new band members and to ultimately sign with a label capable of understanding his vision. Victor continues to persevere with undying faith that he will find the right musicians to complete his project. He is certain once the right chemistry is there..that this unit will be powerful and unstoppable. Victor is looking for the ultimate rock band. A mix of undeniable musicality and chemistry . Rhythmic cycles, tempo changes, odd meters,searing solos that are sometimes dark and melodic, to finish this unit Victor needs a vocalist that could intertwine all these musical explorations with mastery.
"I dream of having the ability to completly define myself as an individual through my playing, while also possessing a unique outlook through my abilities on guitar and music in general" Victor

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