Victor Holk was born in a motel bathtub off route 75 in Oklahoma. Despite his slippery start, he was destined to a life of music, fortune, and fame. Little did he know just where his destiny was going to take him; a little place notoriously known as San Marcos, Texas.

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Victor Holk wants to be your new inspiration. Folk music is a difficult genre to break into, especially for a 21 year old songwriter, but Victor Holk is willing to try. Writing small and simple songs to satisfy the sorrow in and bring joy to the hearts of all whom listen. Holk released Lullabies for Daybreak under the name Lookout! Mountain in December of 2006 to much local success. In July of 2007 he recorded "this point in your life, this place in the world" with friend and fellow songwriter, Shane Bridges. Fall brought winds of change into Holk's life and left him in a new city, with new goals and new friends. The result is the 2508 demo tape, a three song self-produced ep, written and performed by Victor using nothing more than Apples GarageBand program. With a small yet intense fan-base Victor Holk promises great things in 2008.

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