Vic is a singer/songwriter, and rock and roll band front man that pays tribute to the king of rock n roll, Elvis Presley. Vic's original music is a savoury modern pop rock beverage. Put Matchbox 20, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili peppers and Elvis in a blender and pulsate; end result is a Vic de Sousa music milkshake. He sings songs about life's ups and downs, frustrations, and love (sometimes they are one in the same). His 5-song power pop/rock collection exposes some of de Sousa's inner demons and struggles as he voyages through life. The songs may bring up some of your own demons but it will get your head bobbing and crack you a stone cold grin in the process. Dairy Queen has got nothing on this satisfying blend of mind demon, brain freezing, life rock. The project is expected to explode into the rock world in 2008. Brace yourself as you venture through Vic de Sousa's heart and mind.

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So we are back from our mini Tour. It was a blast and we met some really great people. Until the next road Trip, Be well and Peace!!


Vic de Sousa- Dress him up in black and white prison attire and throw him into the slammer, for this man is definitely guilty of dancing to the Jailhouse Rock, singing to a blue moon, swiveling his hips, and rounding up a group of admirers. How did he get to the point of paying tribute to one of the greatest artists of all time? Let's just say that a young Vic de Sousa was mesmorized upon hearing that first musical note by the king. We could thank Vic's Mom for introducing him to her Elvis collection. Vic quickly became intrigued with learning how to sing, act and live like the one and only Elvis Presley at a young age. He slicked back his hair, and quickly persuaded his parents to purchase a guitar for him so that he could sing and perform like Elvis and get all the girls..... And....let's not forget to say the famous words "Thank you, Thank you very much." Like Elvis, Vic is a baritone, has a shy but confident demeanor, and sex appeal that won't quit. Although Vic enjoys singing all Elvis songs his main preference eras are that of the young Rockabilly Elvis and the 68 comeback. Being no stranger to the limelight, Vic is also a singer/songwriter that put out 3 albums with the rock group Sweet Alibi and is soon to release his first EP with his current Rock group DeSousa Drive. He also was in a movie with Billy Crystal in 1997 and a contestant on a national reality show.Vic was born to entertain and feels very privileged to help keep the memory of the King of Rock and Roll alive in front of audiences everywhere. Whether he is performing Elvis' music or his own; the man who started rock and roll lives on at each and every one of Vic's performances, in his heart and that of the audiences'.

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Vic de Sousa's Sweet Alibi is a great new melodic rock band from Canada. Their music bares similarities to Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The six song ep is a great teaser and I can't wait for a full album from these guys. - Nicky Baldrian AOR reviews Rock E-zine

It's about time someone realized Bon Jovi and Stryper were valid songwriters- Mike Berezowsky, See Magazine Edmonton.

Sweet Success, Local rock band Sweet Alibi aims higher with an edgier sound on it's 3rd CD- Wil Gibson, St. Albert Gazette.


Elvis Presley, Bon Jovi, Nickelback, U2, matchbox 20.

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