"I'm basically just a girl who likes writing, who likes rocking out and who wants music to be a part of my life forever


Veronica Romeo is renowned by her special talent and feeling, as well as, her striking and radiant beauty. VerĂ³nica has an extraordinary vocals and a unique star quality image, she is experienced, great performance, professional and touch people hearts. For Veronica, the relationship with her fans is tremendously important". She has multiplatinum sales with 3 albums. She found her own record label called VK48Music. Her third album "Serotonina" was awarded by MSN Messenger (Microsoft) the Download Platinum Awards. She has more than 2 million viewers in her blog in MSN. Veronica is the winner of the Golden Minute in Spain where 15 Million viewers tuned in to watch her. Veronica has produced and written all the lyrics all the songs from this 4th new project. She was deeply involved in every single aspect of the creation of this work, from singing all of her backing vocals to overseeing the treatment of the instruments, as well as their recording until to the final mix. The musical landscape is teeming with singer/songwriters; many of them quite capable, but only a handful has something truly distinctive to offer. Veronica Romeo is unique. Don't Look Away, Romeo's new project, is a revelation, as the Spaniard writer/singer, delivers songs of depth and insight with a powerfully seductive voice that maintains a fierce presence amid dynamic rock grooves and infectious pop rock hooks .The new album is a bravura effort with a fresh and a youthful spirit for the music industry. In this EPK link you can see all her bio. Veronica's Romeo EPK

She just did a great project with a song called "Hola Mundo" (Hello World) and she got a great response http://holamundo.verofanclub.net . The profits of this song are going to environmental projects in Africa and Latin America with an American Foundation called Alfalit International base in Miami and who works in 25 countries

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