Vanity Vinyl formed in late-2004 out of the rubble of a funk/jazz fusion band that “just didn’t rock hard enough” for vocalist James Kugler and guitarist/lyricist Josh Zuckerman. After a few months spent in musical purgatory, the two reunited and resumed writing songs together, trading bizarre time signatures and samba beats for badass rock. Interested in recording their new songs, Zuckerman contacted childhood friend and frequent musical collaborator, Bailey Math, who was only too happy to record and produce the tracks. Math’s production abilities and musical know-how proved so remarkable that both Kugler and Zuckerman practically begged him to come aboard as lead guitarist and “in-band producer. The guys are currently in the process of recording their first full length album, tentatively titled Vanity Vinyl, because the name really is just that good. Expect to hear a lot from these young men. Rock and roll needs them.
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