I`m a German producer for Hip Hop, RnB, House and Electro music. I`ve worked with several independent and major (e. g. YEYO from THE DEY, Ray Lavender, T Lopez, Ricky C) artists in the U.S. and Germany.

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?SOUNDS LIKE: WHATEVER I WANT". An ambitious statement, but if you listen to his music, you will hear that each of his beats is unique. One thing is for sure: he`s not just one of those many so-called producers who are sitting in their home-studio and who are thirsting for glory and fast money. He`s living for music with all his passion and his dedication and he`s working hard for it.
The name Moroder is a tribute to the "Godfather of Synthesizer-Music" Giorgio Moroder, whose music is mostly known from movies like SCARFACE, TOP-GUN or FLASHDANCE.
His collaboration with artists like Young Valinchi, Jeff Johnson, Hurraseason and Ghost from Kentucky (US) gave him the chance to find an entrance to the music-scene in the USA.
His own "signature-sound" made his beats unique, whether it is Hip Hop, RnB or House-Music. If you ask him about people that he is getting influenced by, he`s not talking about other producers but rather about "music, life in general and love". It can be a noise in the kitchen or a song that is being played on the radio that might give him an instant idea or inspiration.
There are tracks like "Tear Da Club Down, Wham, Count This Money, Tell Me, Gunshine Shawty, Million Dollar Man, Ima Die For it or 2 Da Max" which make you recognize his own sound.
As being the inhouse-producer for MIB-Entertainment, he`s on a good way to become one of the biggest hopes among up-and-coming musicians in Germany. What about future projects? As a result of current collaborations with Dj Hard2Def (Core-Dj`s international), Dj Funk-E, Dj Pimpflow (ATL North), Dj Weedim, Dj Macky and Dj Noize will be a couple mixtapes which seem to be packed with a lot of his music.
If you ask him what artists he would like to work with, he drops big names like ?Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, T-Pain, T.I., 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, Drake,Rick Ross, Gangsta Boo and 8 Ball & MJG,". Well, let`s look forward to an up-and-coming and unique musician who will be present more often in the game soon.

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