The Cincinnati born and raised rapper artist V.6 is out to make a statement. Raised in a family with every member musically talented it is only is only natural for V to do what he does. His mother, a powerful, soulful gospel and jazz singer gives V the same gift just in a hip-hop form. “Being from the mid-west we get the best of all worlds” V says. Although Cincinnati’s clubs and Chevy Capri’s are heavily influenced by southern music. V.6 seem to always come different. With a style often compared to Mos Def, Ludacris and Common, V.6 feels he needs to give a message with every verse. From the Club, to the ride, to the streets. To say the least, V.6’s style of music is complete.

After Finishing College at Kentucky State University, Line Backer #6. moved back to soulful City of Cincinnati. The home of Bootsy Collins and hometown of the Isley brothers. Ironically he met up with JC, a producer he had recorded with a few years back. JC had just finished building a studio and invited him to the studio and began and shorty recording a demo. With a few instant classics within a week the two decided to officially link with JC to make it happen. Today JC and V.6 are recording everyday and shopping V’s Demo to record labels looking to obtain a record deal or a distribution deal for JC Productions. This Spring and Summer is going to be big for the new comer. “The response is crazy, and we ain’t even got started yet” V says. With the success of other hip acts from the Queen City such as Hi-Tek, K-Riley, Czar-Nok and Tocka the City is starting to get a look once again.


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