Utopian Hope is Brad Scott, Steve Kintop, Scott Baird and Dave Walgrave.


Utopian Hope, an edgy, uncompromising rock group from Atlanta, exhibits such rousing integrity that it’s hard
not to want more. Members Steve, Brad, Scott, and Dave demonstrate driving, aggressive hard-rock motives
on their recent album Secret Wing, released in 2006 on Grave Records.

Writing all of their own songs, they fuse their unique nature with imaginative art. “Utopian Hope is a jovial group
of musicians whose personalities blend into a charming mixture of witty banter and insightful commentary. They
are carving their own musical niche while drawing in listeners with deep lyrics using elements of philosophy,
mythology and overall intelligence.” (Stephanie Moffett, Exponent)

While it is obvious that creative originality is their strength, they have much to offer their listeners. Utopian Hope
vows, "We want to make music that we would love to hear." Their sadistically honest lyrics strike with pure and
commanding passion; passion displayed by the band members themselves. “We're trying to make artwork--
music for the intelligent listeners. We leave the meaning open-ended so that interpretation becomes the listener’s
contribution.” The band’s music adamantly displays stimulating insights into the tragic, intense, and exciting
world in which we live.

Utopian Hope's songs highlight the band's desire for narrative story telling. “Abandoned” and “The Occupation of
Georgia” are semi-autobiographical stories about a young girl named Georgia and her older brother. In "The
Occupation of Georgia" we are introduced to the main characters as they endure physical, emotional and sexual
abuse at the hands of their father. “Abandoned" continues the story where Georgia, unable to cope with the
demons of her past, has committed suicide. Written in a Shakespearean context, the song is sung in the
brother's voice as he conspires revenge on his father, whom he blames for the girl’s suicide. This storyline
continues throughout Secret Wing.

"Empty" becomes an aural Rorschach test, with lyrics which elicit different connotations to different people. Some
have said that they believe the song to be about the pointlessness of a passive existential lifestyle. Some think it
may be about a student who wishes he or she had the nerve to stand up to a bully. The rest of the album
continues to consist of songs that are intended to be commentaries on important sociological topics.

Influences such as Rage Against the Machine and Silverchair have helped to shape their sound, while Tool,
Smashing Pumpkins, and Pink Floyd have inspired them to be greatly aware and critical of lyrics. Utopian Hope’s
writing is primarily premeditated through personal experiences and achieved after dissecting both sides of
important issues. ”Mostly Steve and Brad handle the lyrics, but it isn't like any one person writes the songs--we
all add to them. If we walk away [from practice] with a song going through our heads, then we hit it."

Secret Wing is a 15-track album featuring an eight-page color booklet that is available on the band's website.


For booking, press, or show inquires, contact Alecia at utopianhope@gmail.com.

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