Somewhere in one of Philly's back alleys, something bad is about to happen. The young thug backs her into a corner, the look of hunger in her eye as he gets ready to push play. When suddenly, a masked crusader leaps to the rescue. He busts in grabbing the Ipod from the boy's hands proclaiming, "Not on my watch you don't!", as he yanks the buds from her ears. "You young lady, almost fell victim to some bad jams", as he eyes the young punk with disgust". "Remember, only listen to quality jams that say sucker-free" as he flies off with the turk to be deprogrammed at his underground hideout. She emerges from the alley as a passerby asks, "Who was that masked man?" "I don't Know, she proclaims, but the front of his costume said, "UD". be continued.
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