Under The House is Bill Wynn bass/vocals, Bruce Bolan percussion, Mike Cloonan guitar/vocals They wrote all the material on both albums. Their last album[PAINTING THE PINK HOUSE BLUE] was recorded live in the studio, no over dubs, meaning they can play the tunes live exactly as on the CD. PINK HOUSE has a honky-tonk blues road house feel. Their first album[12FL. OZ.] has more accoustic music and is a mixture of styles. They also have recorded original material with mandolyn, accordian, harmonica and cummins piston They never use studio or guest musicsians. PAINTING THE PINK HOUSE BLUE was recorded at Southeastern Studios with Buddy Strong as sound engineer. They were a top cover band for years but changed their name after going original. Mike always told his 8 children never give up and now they won't let him forget. Gramma Moses started painting at 70,Norman Maclean wrote his first book A River Runs Through It at 74. Comparitively speaking,they're kids with a lot of experience
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