Uncle-B + Auntie-E + J-Dog

The songs we sing are old and new- we'll laugh and dance and so will you!

We are available for concerts, street fairs, school assemblies, or birthday parties. Contact us today at unclebmusic@yahoo.com

Our CD's are available at CDbaby.com, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon.com, etc... The new "All Aboard the Zoo Train" Album is also available with a coloring book/song reader at our shows or at CDbaby.com under a special release.

Contact us at unclebmusic@yahoo.com to be added to our email list or be our friend at Facebook/unclebmusic to find out when we'll be playing around town.


Uncle-B, Auntie-E, and J-Dog lived with friends and animals on their farm in Montana where they grew fruits and vegetables (eat them every day!) One day J-Dog told Uncle-B and Auntie-E about growing up on a farm in Oregon and hearing stories about a magical, musical instrument tree in that silly place. When winter came, Uncle-B, Auntie-E, and J-Dog decided to close up the farm in Montana and head west to gather some instruments up from the tree. They settled in Portland, OR where one of them teaches music in an elementary school, one of them is a scientist, and one of them is a professional musician and sells things. Sometimes they go back to visit their friends and animals on the farm in Montana and write songs around the campfire.

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