"An upbeat mix of soulful R&B vocalizing, raw beats combined with a hip urban demeanor; providing an effectively catchy backdrop to one man's celebration of his place as a present day Christian. It's not surprising that Sullivan has already established himself as a composer of film soundtracks"
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Tyrone K Sullivan "The Muzik Director" Stirs Up Film Industry

Christian Funk Maestro Tyrone K Sullivan a native of Jacksonville, Florida makes a bold statement in the film industry by introducing FIF Muzik (Funky Inspirational Film Muzik)

This brave, gutsy attempt is designed to target major motion picture film directors and film music supervisors to begin to add more Inspirational/Christian music into film soundtracks and music scores in upcoming movies.

Sullivan has done projects with Kanye West and "Common" which were his debut into the film music industry.

This gave him the opportunity to uniquely inject FIF Muzik into the film "Gangster With A Heart Of Gold" , IeMagine Feature's "The Dreamer", ABC Family's "Everwood", NBC's "Life" and featured songs in all Regal theaters worldwide.

Sullivan as the Founder/Director of WFMG is also in the process of expanding We Family Muzik Group to become a Multi-media Non-profit educational resource to help build a future of Godly music in the Jacksonville community and abroad.

Thank you for all your love and support,
Love, Peace, Blessings, and much Prosperity to you and yours.

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