I am a Juilliard graduate. Music has been my life since the age of 3. I have been composing for the past 20 years.


I started playing piano from age 3. Had my first recital when I was 6. Graduated Juilliard in 1999. Didn't seriously consider composing until 2001.
I have done nothing but music all my life. Have had so many recitals in my career, that most I don't even remember any more.
Due to a car accident in 1999 that damaged my left arm, I had to stop my piano career.
From 2001, I have been composing and arranging extensively.
Hope I have what it takes to one day be called a true artist, something the world lacks in this day and age.



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drunken play-neat piece,i really enjoyed it/thanks-joe.

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ziplok.us ziplokus@gmail.com

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