L.R. Lane composed and developed this Truchsia's Tomorrow trilogy over many years of working as a musician and artist.

He has been a band leader and a band member playing several different genres and for a variety of performing venues, but most significantly the formation of his theater stage performing duo led to several composing projects evolving and a twenty-piece suite.

The suite became the main focus for L.R. Lane until he was sure that he had the ingredients for a production worth preserving and a vision to energize it in the future.

Enter Truchsia's Tomorrow, the sequel to The T.W. Suite and a story in itself.

Truchsia's Tomorrow became a trilogy the hard way, beginning as a five and a half minute work in three movements featuring string sections and choral with piano and a conga driven rhythm section
forming a contemporary concert piece.

Secondly it was a solo piano piece and thirdly a band version with two acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums and keyboards.

Sounds Like: Igor Stravinsky, Scott Joplin

Latest News

Truchsia's Tomorrow - A Trilogy is the latest release by L.R. Lane featuring three versions of his original work, Truchsia's Tomorrow.

L.R. Lane's Bio

L.R. Lane started piano lessons when he was four years old. His training was classical, but playing popular standards and some jazz in several musical groups became his primary occupation for several years. He eventually transferred to the live theater world as a piano accompanist for a resident dance company at a local arts center. That was the beginning of a serious collaboration with one of the dancers from the company. Together they drew upon their classical backgrounds to create a collection of dances for solo piano and a solo dancer.

As a married couple they performed their works in as many opportunities as they could find from small indoor venues to an outdoor world stage and local television, until it became obvious that a context for their pieces was necessary. While continuing to refine their dances and music, L.R. Lane wrote a libretto to embrace the theme. To better define the drama and give each character a meaning and relationship the libretto developed into a published ebook titled "All in a Day's Dance" (©2010 Lane and Lane) which has twenty chapter music tracks to coincide and propel the emotions of the main character named Truchsia in "The TW Suite" (©2006 Lane and Lane).

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