Ross Vick. Adult Contemporary. Top 30 Billboard AC, Top 25 MediaBase AC. Top 5 QBAC Chart. Songwriter. Singer. Recording Artist. Producer. Designer. Rhythm Guitarist. 5 CDs. 4 Years.

Singer-songwriter Ross Vick may have been born and bred in Texas, but in many ways he's a throwback to the cool and soulful, lyrically incisive California rock vibe that gave rise to legendary artists like The Eagles and Jackson Browne. So it's not surprising that his own musical dreams were launched one night in 2003 at the famed Troubadour club in Los Angeles, when a concert by the band Great Big Sea inspired him to leave a 25-year career in the toy industry, follow his wife's advice ("Avoid the morgue. Find a new line of work") and start his own band TrueHeart.

Here's what the critics say:

"TrueHeart offers retro rock of a different kind than the '80s revival which has grown in popularity lately. This is soft rock (Adult Contemporary) for Baby Boomers, reminiscent of America and Jackson Browne."

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8/7 Texas Grill Fort Worth
7/31 White Rock Coffee Dallas
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5/31 - 6/4 Private Event Colorado
5/20/ White Rock Coffee Dallas
2/18 2/19 Highland Park Literary Festival Featuring Tobias Wolff and Cary Pierce of JackoPierce
1/28 White Rock Coffee 8 to 10:30 ish
11/23-12/3 Dijon France: Dallas/Dijon Sister Cities Celebration.
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4/2,3,4 Drury College, Springfield MO

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Haunting harmonies, driving guitar solos and introspective lyrics make up the heart and soul of TrueHeart?s new CD The Road. The self titled single is a current Billboard, FMQB and Mediabase Adult Contemporary track. The second single release ?Plan for Peace? is moving quickly up the charts and will be followed by as yet to be selected third single from this powerful collection that TrueHeart fans will vote on at the website.

TrueHeart songwriter and lead singer Ross Vick divides his time between the creation of the music and the sales and marketing of the same. If you're reading this you're probably doing the same thing Ross is: recording songs and looking for synergistic relationships with others interested in your music who might help accelerate the process. Add that to a witches brew that by default elminates most opportunities if one isn't young, angry and an American Idol finalist. So, the best way to navigate those tricky waters is to simply do what you know how to do best. And in this case, it is write and perform songs that have purchase and traction with folks who are in love, lost love; work hard, lost their job and pray for hope and peace but can't quite come to grips with a world that kills in the name of God.

The Road is a contemplative adult contemporary collection capable of entertaining and empathizing with every generation. It is an unparalleled attempt at reconnecting us with ourselves. Dealing with loss, pain and recovery are amplified by the poignant arrangements so that as you hear and comprehend the words, the soundtrack to those images compliments the mood perfectly.

With luxuriant and pure production values, the emphasis is clearly on the lyrics and melodies and the picture is completed through the vocal work of TrueHeart composer and lead vocalist, Ross Vick.

TrueHeart is based in Dallas, Texas. A true music cooperative, Ross Vick and his producer, Gary Leach at Rosewood Studios in Tyler, Texas collaborated on this project, a year in the making. The Road, this road at least, is one deserving of a long Sunday drive.


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