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Trad Jr
After spending his earliest years traveling across the USA with his parents for their work in the military, South Carolina-born artist Trad Jr made his first connection to his musical talent & upcoming career when they finally settled in Virginia. Picking himself up a copy of Fruity Loops Studio, the man instantly went to work in educating himself, writing his own material & producing records for other local artists - and from that moment on, he's stayed committed to the vision and dedicated to making music his life.
Trad Jr continued to build on his skills and momentum, forming the group Young Uchivas with other local artists in collaboration. After getting his first taste of success & live-experience from the stage in playing shows, unfortunately, one of the core members passed-away all-too-early, which disbanded the group & sent Trad Jr packing to Maryland, where he'd turn this tragedy into the fuel of true inspiration.
Making a bold choice to not let a single minute of his life go to waste, Trad Jr focused like never before. Deciding to beef-up his natural skillset even more, he enrolled in the Omega Studios School Of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences, adding even more knowledge & depth to his capabilities on both sides of the studio boards. Noticing his remarkable talent, was Michael "Charlie M$" Mann, who approached Trad Jr to create a new crew - and together they formed A.G.M., aka, "Always Getting Money" in 2009.
Establishing themselves immediately on the airwaves and finding commercial success behind the scenes as well in getting their tracks played in stores & shopping malls - A.G.M. turned from a two-man crew into a full-on thriving production company, which proudly serves the music community to this very day. Working with tremendous talent & pivotal online influencers/internet legends like Pat D Lucky, Kway, Matthew Raymond, Jasmine Luv, and many more - A.G.M. has formed countless key relationships that have secured its success long into the future and become a reliable platform that artists know they can truly count on. Whether it's through the immaculate mixes & compositions created by Trad Jr for all kinds of film & television projects, or spectacular brand-new beats designed for an artist's next viral single - from real Hip-Hop to soundtrack scores & everything in between, A.G.M. has it all locked-down.

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