Tony Marino (composer, pianist, leader) has created a loyal following and not all of his listeners are jazz enthusiast. His style seems to capture listeners from other genres continuously.

To date, Tony has released 12 cds of original songs using various Latin styles of music: samba, bossa nova, frevo, tango, montuno, bolero, be bop, swing and calypso.

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"Tony Marino has lost none of his fire since his '97 debut release. Combining an approach that draws from the masters of 20th century jazz piano and even younger players, Marino carves out a place for himself that is uniquely his own."
Buddy Nelson - JamSphere
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Gregor Rice
over 30 days ago to Tony Marino

Congatulations on your In top 10s. Just wondering... we have Morino relatives last heard in the Ft. Wayne area. Would you be a descendent? Charles and Annie Moreno in Toledo Oh area, now deceased, son David. ?

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Tony Marino
over 30 days ago

Nope, not related. Sorry. But your music is good.

Josh Walker
over 30 days ago to Tony Marino

Thank you for your review of my song, Just As I Am. And as you mentioned, I do plan on cutting the intro if I want to submit it for a TV or commercial opportunity. Thanks!

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