Tom Terrill has a spectacular, commanding voice. He writes and sings about love, self-loathing, social injustice and suicide, and delivers these ideas with a big smile and a little sneer.

Tom has had the good fortune to have taken the last 6 months off to write and perform his music. He and his family have recently relocated to the New York City area, from Akron, Ohio, in order to continue chasing his dream.


The past two years have been a wild ride! I quit my day job! I took the last 6 months to compose my own music in a small room a-top a friend's house in Akron, Ohio.

I had been in a signed band called "ZERO PARADE". I collaborated on lyrics and music, and played the keys, rhythm guitars and sang back-up vocals. We had the very good fortune to work with an incredible producer named Justin Niebank, (John Mellencamp, Blues Traveler, Eric Clapton and many, many more), and cut a full length CD in Nashville, TN. Our label went bankrupt within six months of our CD's release! Our best gig was opening for "Ben Folds Five" at the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, MI. But as a pop-rock band, I couldn't seem to inject the raw passion for life, love and music that I feel in my heart. This is the goal of my music and my life going forward!

My songs get their musical spine from my love of all things Pete Townshend. Hearing the Who's "Baba O'Reily" for the first time showed me that the sum of the lyrics and the music together can equal more than their individual parts. This is the ideal I aspire to achieve in my music. I strive to get you to tap your toe as well as turn the wheels in your head.

I relocated to the NYC area recently to expose myself to more opportunity within the music business. I've only just settled in, but have had a few shows already, and intend to have many more soon! STAY TUNED!

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