Back in 1990 I released my first local tape (Darkest America--industrial music) with a printing of 200 copies. Eventually those all got distributed, sold, or given away. Same with a printing of my second tape (Freeze--techno/industrial/alternative cross over) in 1991. 300 copies of those were made and ditto . . . all gone. In 1996 I released a Christmas CD (Peppermint Wreath--techno), and I still have a TON of those left despite my efforts to give and donate those away.

I've had other little compilations over the years that were never "released" so to speak. In between '91 and '96 I had two compilations that never really saw the light of day beyond friends. In 1999-2000 I did an all electronic release (Wild--IDM/electronica) through and also through various e-mail lists that I was on. That really didn't find much success beyond inspiring a mix CD of my tunes from a cool cat in Florida (Eric Piotrowski . . . wherever you are . . . bless you). also spawned a remake of my original 1990 CD (Darkest America 2000--industrial roots baby).

Come to for more information and read along as I rediscover my need to create music.

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