Tom More is a songwriter, musician, and owner of Restrung Lefty Media Productions in Dallas, Texas. Besides composing for films and commercial projects he supports other musical projects and released his first solo album "Self-Evident Truths" in 2010. His style is as varied as his influences which include classical, rock, jazz, and blues and he is equally at home in each genre. Currently he is working on his follow-up CD and exploring forming a group to play live.

Tom More of Restrung Lefty Music

Tom More is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, Texas and owner/founder of Restrung Lefty Music Productions ( Along with self-indulgent work on his first love, progressive rock, he does custom composition for commercial applications, session playing, and performs as a sideman with other acts. His debut prog rock album "Self-Evident Truths"( is his first serious attempt at writing progressive songs and began as an experiment while supporting another project. "Truths" incorporates a lot of Tom's influences from the hard rock and neo-prog he grew up listening to in the 1980's to jazz and blues stylings underlying lyrical reflections on a wide variety of modern social and personal issues. His own musical training was similarly diverse beginning with classical piano lessons as a child, then drums and percussion in his middle and high school band, and finally self-taught bass guitar in his teens. After playing in a variety of small-time cover bands through his college years he served in the military for the better part of fourteen years and put music aside. But once back to civilian life the urge to play returned and he got involved in a couple of local projects most notably adding bass lines for "Gossamer Strings" and "Perfect Grace" on prog band Supernal Endgame's "Touch The Sky" album and the soundtrack for indie martial arts film "El Negocio." Tom is actively seeking opportunities to get his music out to new fans and continues to write and prepare for a second album.

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