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Todd and Erin

Todd Dakin and Erin Nicole Smith met while Erin was watching Todd play a gig in Santa Barbara California. Erin had a strong feeling that she could not leave until she introduced herself to him."I had never had that happen to me before, such an in your face feeling.. I sure didnt think that this guy was going to be such a huge influence in my life" Smith says. She wrote a short note along with her website and phone number asking if he would be interested in collaborating and popped it in his tip jar with a dollar bill. A few phone calls and meeting later they found themselves creating the duo "Todd and Erin" within 2 weeks of knowing each other the pair found themselves playing the House of Blues in Hollywood, and 3 weeks after that they had already wrote, recorded, and released there e.p. "Save it for the Remix" officially as the pop duo "Todd and Erin"

Both previously solo artists Todd and Erin bring things to the table that are needed for an awesome pop duo. They continue to pursue there dreams and goals together and are well on there way to reaching them.

They are working on there full length album now expected to release in February 2014

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