Instrumental guitar based fusion. Latin, Rock, Jazz.

Terry Munday

Terry Munday’s work has often been described as an eclectic mix of raw Blues, rhythmic Latin and haunting melody. “How can I pigeonhole what I do?” is the question he often asks.

In fact, from many threads of experience is Munday’s musical mantel woven. From the hard rock of Blood Simple - the band formed with ex-Clash drummer Terry Chimes in 1989, which produced it’s self-titled album that year - to the melancholy flamenco summers spent in Andalucia.

As a mere youth Munday was playing guitar with Sal Paradise, managed by Tony Gordon of Culture Club fame. The career of these ‘80s glam rockers was cut short by the tragic death of vocalist/lyricist Phil Turner in 1988. The band reinvented itself as the above Blood Simple, adding vocalist Pete Valente, grinding out a riff-laden, crypto-gothic wall of sound.

In 1990 Munday began touring the World. Tours of Europe, North America and the Far East, plus an album for Pony-Canyon in Tokyo, meant that Munday had truly gone international.

As part of a quest for a more diverse and worldly vocabulary he spent the winter of 1998 in the Middle East, and the summer of 1999 in Spain, adding a Moorish vibe to much of his work. At the end of 1999 he released his first instrumental collection, Eurasian, followed in 2001 by the more accomplished Liberty Project, and now the new The Human Zone in 2004.

In addition to his musical work Munday has acquired an MA in Politics and is a qualified college lecturer in that subject. He is currently based in his native London.

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