If Coldplay, Tool, and Mazzy Star had a love child, it might sound something like Thousand Days. The band have written over 40 songs together, and has made 3 EPs with amazing producers Paul Kimble, Anthony Resta, and Kurt Ballou. They have had previous EPs spun on over 50 college radio stations including a #1 debut from WCMR Pennsylvania and making the top 10 at WJHU Maryland and have been played on the the local show at Boston’s great, WBCN. They have just finished this latest five-song EP Headlight Waves, produced by Paul Kimble (Grant Lee Buffalo, David Gray). They have played numerous venues in the New England area including The Middle East, TT the Bears, the Paradise Lounge, and have upcoming shows including Arlene’s Grocery in New York. Thousand Days’ lead singer Pardis is an M.D. Ph.D. graduate of MIT, Oxford, and Harvard, a Rhodes Scholar, was the third woman ever to graduate Harvard Med School summa cum laude, and is a world leading expert on recent human evolution.
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