We play and record country-gospel music in Manitoba, Canada. Our influences include Kitty Wells, Wilf Carter, Johnny Cash, Carl and Paul Butler.

Two of our albums were recorded in the traditional Mennonite language of Low German.

Feel free to browse around our website, download some free music, and get to know us better. Who knows, maybe we'll see you at one of our upcoming shows....

A little bit about us....


My name is Henry Zacharias.

I was born, seventh in a family of 12 in 1951.

My mom and dad were farmers. We milked cows, shipped cream and in the summer, we would hoe beets to pay the bills.

When I was about 12, mom and dad bought us a six-string guitar from Eaton's in Winnipeg, Manitoba. That was the start of my music life.

About the same time, we got a record player to listen to music. I loved it very much. We listened to Kitty Wells, Wilf Carter, Johnny Cash, Carl and Paul Butler. In some ways, those artists continue to influence my music today.

Mary was the fifth in the family and Dave the sixth and then me. We had to take turns on that old guitar. Our friend showed us a few chords and we enjoyed singing together. Oh, how we practiced and practiced.

Mom and Dad also taught us to love the Lord. Dad was a minister in a Conservative Mennonite Church. Mom and Dad taught us the "mother tongue" as it is said in Low German, and we have made two recordings in Low German.

We enjoy singing praises to the Lord Jesus Christ and we pray that it might help someone to draw closer to Him, as we sing for Him.

After I got married, we stayed close to each other and went to sing in old folks homes. By now we each had our own guitar.

In 2003, Dave passed away from lung cancer. Now my wife Doreen helps us sing when we sing.

We went to Mexico in the winter of 2007. We sang in many places, including some in the U.S. During those the three weeks, we were one. Today the Zacharias' continue to play and record music in honor to the one who gave us the gift of music.

In Christ,

Henry Zacharias

Henry and Doreen have eight children and eight grandchildren and have a Hardware and Lumber business.

Mary and Ben have seven children and grandchildren and have a trucking business.

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Please add me God Bless your talent Songedge

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Hi I'm in Calgary and I'M listening to your music online I like your songs a lot, all the best to all of you God bless you.

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