A uniquely avant-garde sound - a mix of cabaret, folk, beatnik, and rock music.
Neo-cabaret. 1990s, led by fearless operatic punk jazz chanteuse Stefanie Naifeh and songwriter partner guitarist Paul Lacques, with sax virtuoso Mike Rose, roots accordionist Richie Lawrence, multi instrumentalist Ray Symczyk, bassists Simeon Pillich & Eric Gotthelf, and drummer Keith Miles. A band still ahead of its time.

What they say about us

"...for those who enjoy real music, The Underthings' avant-garde sensibility puts them head and shoulders above the pack." LA Weekly

"[The songs] ...dreamed up in the obviously fertile yet evidently twisted minds of Lacques, Naifeh, and Lawrence." BAM Magazine

"Naifeh, a classically-trained, loose-laughing, lullaby-lilting, tantric vaudevillian-like singer, surely must be possessed by every living and deceased musical spirit, from Bach to Bob Dylan's dog..." Strobe Magazine

"The real treat is classically trained opera singer, Stefanie Naifeh, whose voice can seemingly do anything (and does)." LA Weekly

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