Craig Miller is a singer, guitarist, writer and producer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is the guitarist and singer of The Reach,
an alternative rock band. The Reach released two albums, 1995's Closer, and 2003's LIFT. They are currently working on
a third, which will be an interactive endeavor, with fans being invited to listen to the making of the record via podcast, and
submit suggestions and advice via a web forum/blog. Miller's is also the guitarist/drummer and producer of Staplehead,
a punk rock/comedy duo. Staplehead's music chronicles the hilarious misadventures of a 20ish man on an unsuccessful quest to score with chicks.

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Review of "Lift" from Amplifier Magazine.

"A Texas-bred duo back in the saddle after an eight year holiday, the Reach meld guitar-heavy alt-rock and solid pop songcraft. Though singer/guitarist Craig Miller and drummer Tommy Watts recorded their respective parts in different time zones, "Lift" has the communal vibe of a jam session. Miller is a top-rate vocalist, especially in cuts such as the acoustic "Self Help," the opening track "Goodbye," which features Harlem rapper Shakka improvising over Watts' relentless double bass polyrhythms, and the multi-layered, neo-psychedelic "All Right." Ending the disc is "Catchphrase," a blistering arena-rock anthem that should put commercial success within The Reach's grasp."

"Prodigious musicianship...Miller is a top rate vocalist." - Music Connection

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The Reach formed in Dallas, TX in 1994, touring throughout the Southwest, garnering radio play, vigorous CD sales, critical acclaim, and major label interest. They called it quits in 1997, but reformed after being invigorated by interest in their music on the web. In 2003, The Reach returned with their second release, the stunning LIFT. Drummer Tommy Watts and guitarist/vocalist Craig Miller recorded a collection of material both old and new that should put The Reach back on the map for good. Miller, now in NYC, recorded and produced the bulk of the record from his East Village apartment, while drums were recorded by Watts in Dallas.
The album contains an eclectic mix of alternative rock tracks, paradoxically opening with a song called “Goodbye,” a classic angry break up song, featuring a blistering drum performance from Watts, and Harlem rapper Shakka on ad lib duties. “Show” is a straight up rocker with a radio friendly hook. “Eavesdrop (for Caddy),” “All Right,” “Throwaway” are showcases for Miller’s lush textured guitar style.
The Reach are currently working on a third album, which will be the world's first completely interactive album. As the songs and demos are written, every little unfinished snippet will appear on The Reach's website, blog and podcast. Listeners will be invited to submit their suggestions for the material as it's being created.
Log onto to participate, and look for an official new release from The Reach in fall 2005

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