because of working saturday nights, i get mondays off.
mondays are kind of a drag when no-one else is around so i taught myself guitar and garageband.
i guess as a result there's a certain mondayness that seeps through all the songs.
my absolute ambition is to have 10 songs whose writing and production i'm not too embarrassed of to play when the people get home.
'lean on me' is the closest i got so far: it took about 4 months. then my house was burgled and i lost my drive with the recordings on.
so i'm busy for a bunch more mondays.
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Steve April
over 30 days ago to the pick-ups

Thanks very much for your generous review of "heart on ice." btw, that's steve ison doin' the performance, hope you'll check out our page if you've a moment...

listening to your "piano song," enjoy the harmonies, and the pretty melody, very nice...

in music,
steve april

Bob Nesom
over 30 days ago to the pick-ups

Thanks for the review of "Embrace the Moment." I appreciate your thoughts and opinion and I think all of it is right on. The song is from my theme album "Made in Revere," and it is a transition song on the album, sung by Chuck Vitale who produced the album. Bob Nesom

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