If you are a LOGS fan then you are a remarkably patient person. The Logs are notoriously slow and inefficient in the studio. As far as touring goes, it is rare that at least one member isn't kicked out of the band after the first show.

The Logs are currently in the early stages of a comeback. Their new album entitled "Devil In The Details" will be released in 2010. The first single, "Old Lady On The Second Floor" will be released in January 2010

Latest News

The Logs announces the release of newest single "Old Lady On The Second Floor".

The Logs Are:

Devan Kimberly- Lead Vocals/Guitar
Ian Mott- Backing Vocals/ Lead Guitar/Keyboards
Sara Leeds- Bass Guitar
Jail- Drums

The Logs

The Logs began their career as The Rolling Logs, the The Rolling, then just The Logs. No reason is given for the name changes but one is left to suspect that the members were throwing darts at a piece of paper with words on it.

The early years of The Logs were filled with challenges and tuna salad sandwiches. The boys have always hated each other. Even in primary school, the four LOGS were forced to interact each other sometimes with serious consequences. After twenty years of traveling and recording together, no band member has ever been in the same room with another for more time than it takes to lay down their respective tracks.

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