Ron Dimmick - Mando, banjo, guitars & vocals
Donna Reynolds - Bass, stomp & vocals
Hugh Curtis - Fiddle, mandolin, guitar & vocals
Gold Coast (Australian) based 3 piece band playing a mix of original folk acoustic along with rootsy traditional heritage music.  We're passionate about keeping Australiana music alive and presenting it in a way that has wide appeal for a whole new generation. 
We are seasoned; our band is in its 27th year. 
Our new album "Shedding My Skin" was released in Dec 2010. Since then we've released several radio singles, our latest 'Shedding My Skin' the title track, has just come out & is creating quite a lot of interest.  On the album, 7 of the 11 tracks are original.
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Latest News

We are pleased to say we've been nominated in the Queensland StateMusic Awards (announced Aug '11); we won a Golden Fiddle Award during the Country Music Festival in Tamworth in January where we had three nominations, best band, best CD & best composition. Australian Songwriters Awards in Dec where we had a top 10 in the all genre instrumental category. In February we picked up 'Best National Band' at the Victorian State Country Music Awards.


Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to The Leaping LIzards

Lizards! This be the place to stretch out, blind others, and find fame by being connected to other musicians, living and dead. Should you ever return, come with Love and more Leaping Lizards tunes. Hope to see you soon. St. Nick

Thanks for the complimentary membership through UKSC, we'll try out your site, looks good so far!
LL (Australia)

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