The Jon Cohen Experimental is a fuzzy, lovable little menage-a -trois exploring the sweet and sour underbelly of feelings. Born out of a seething thirst for hunger, and a thorough dissatisfaction with fulfilment, The JCE blends sweet vocal harmonies with textures rich and layered. The music is a healthy blend of psychedelic nerd-pop and singer/songwriter introspection. Kind of like an out of body experience, without the guilt. The songs evoke many varied and philosophical moods, from self-assertion to self-discovery to self-gratification, and all the messy, cuddly and contradictory sensibilities that lie in between. Led by composer and multi-experimentalist Jon Cohen, who has played in such diverse bands as The Dears, The Social Register, John Lennox, and Launie Anderssohn, featuring Montreal musical all-star Chris Wise, as well as Ken Martin and Marie-Michelle Atkinson, The JCE will make you shake, shiver, dance and sit quietly wondering where the time has gone. 

Fooled Again

Fooled again

Fooled me once in the morning
and twice in the evening.

Shame on me for not recgonizing
the dead from the living.

Play your games, play your little mind games,
you know to me it's all the same.

You move to swiftly Me move too slow,
but i won't be fooled again No...

All Lyrics by Jonathan Cohen...AkA Alter Ego

Spaniard's Lullaby

A Spaniard's Lullaby

"For you had promised me all earthly pleasures.
You know that i Don't ask for much
My love for you it simply can't be measured,
by sweet caress by subtle touch.
Oh temper temper my love.
Say something don't be mad"

"Why are you scaring me with all this nonsense?
I only met you late last night!"

"Oh swear to me our love will grow much stronger
why do we always have to fight"
Why do we always fight?

"Give me your seed give me your contribution
lets multiply and be fruitfull.
For now my love let us consume our union.
Our fate is tougher than a bull.
Perhaps you'll return soon
Perhaps youll see the light"

"I really think you ought to leave this instant
I know believe you are psycho!"

"Light of my soul today you seem so distant.
Promise youll come back tomorrow."

music and lyrics by Jonathan Cohen

Calling on you...Friend

Where did my mind go?
Where did my mind go?
got on the metro
rode the green line

well i'm still smoking
yes i'm still smoking
smoking and waiting
waiting for a sign

waiting for a train to speed through tunnels of my mind

now i want safety
drowning in your eyes
just give me the grand prize
as I drift away

when you find out where you are
with open eyes you'll tread the path of incontinuity
now that you have come this far
don't second guess you'll fail the test and spoil your destiny

Since you questionned where you are
your escapade has just been forged
It's calling on you friend
and since you now have come this far
you'll be returned to comfort zones
they're drawing near the end

All lyrics and music by Jonathan /cohen...AkA Alter Ego (2002)

Love Translator

Love Translator

Keep it simple baby make it sweeter.
Tonight I'm gonna try to be your love transducer.
Im gonna ease on in make you feel allright.
Fasten your seatbelt lover hold on tight,
sexual transmission via sattelite.

Round and around we always talk to each other.
Tonight your looking so fine im gonna do dis shit proper.
A love machne thatll satisfy.
This love translator gonna make us fly.
It's gonna make us fly

Love translator
I gotta have her
I just cant control the way iI feel

Oh love translator
You have the power
To take this fantasy and make it real

Love translator take your time.
Get under my skin penetrate my mind.
The tension builds you start to get hot.
Just then i liked you now i like you a lot.

Oh for the love of god baby take off your clothes.
Gonna make u sweat from your head down to your toes.
This love machine will be put to the test.
I'm gonna ease on in and let it do the rest.
In Spanish Italian or in Japanese
This love translator says to get on your knees.
Oh baby youre makin me a happy man
I love your work im your number one fan

Love translator
I'm satisfied
You helped me get to her mojo spice

Love translator
I feel so satisfied
I wanna meet you in a future life

Oh love translator
I gotta have her
I just cant control the way I feel

Oh love translator
You have the power
To take this fantasy and make it real

I write the songs that make the girls go wild
I write the songs that make the honeys go wild

All music & lyrics by Jonathan Cohen (2003)

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