The Governmont Robots are an independent electronic funk based group, from Ontario Canada. Influences are James Brown, Classic Rock, Classical, Drum and Bass, and Jazz. I formed The Governmont Robots at Trebas Institute in 2007.

Solidify your thoughts, when thrown in a spiraling euphoria, inspiration exposes itself to your disposal.

The exact definition, in not-so-formal terms, of experimental music derived from past musical styles and culture, overall. What are we left with?

Sounds not yet heard; A revolution of music, itself, taking on new methods and influences. Electronic vibes and mixed additions. Thus, many may think, creating a new mainstream? Possibly, but not the case for this throbbing beat mix mentality that is The Governmont Robots, also known as TGR. And dont they need some.

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"Sylvia" Remix, New Singles and Ringtones, by The Governmont Robots
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"The Story Of" The Governmont Ro

TGR started playing music
at an early age. Taking an
interest in playing the pots and
pans, even spoons "someone needs
to make a spoon record, do you think anyone would buy it" TGR. After many years of driving his parents mad, drumming and tapping his hearts rhythms, he received his first guitar at the age of 13, listening to
rock legends such as Jimmi Hendrix and Buddy Holly he would copy the notes played on the radio, "that's how I learned to play" TGR. TGR went through many musical phases, playing the instruments of his musical taste at that time. Playing everything from the piano, drums, guitar, flute and electronic based instruments. Giving his music that undefinable quality.
"I like my music to be called electro funk, There are too many sub categories you know, we just have to unite" TGR.
TGR played his music at local coffee shops and pubs before turning it in for the studio to create
what is now "Sylvia"

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