Their new, exciting bi-weekly Variety show needs music & comedy - and you're invited:

Beware the infestation of the Zombeatles:

The Gomers began in 1985 in Madison, WI. They play weekly on Tuesday nights (and the 1st & 3rd Fridays at Happy Hour) at the High Noon Saloon in a show called "ROCKSTAR GOMEROKE:" Karaoke with a live Rock Band. The sizable songlist: (search GOMEROKE on Youtube to see the fun).

Their new (2008) release called MIKE ZIRKEL THE ALBUM features special guests Robert Fripp & Adrian Belew. Other releases include SOFA KING GOOD and SALT & SUGAR. Their version of "It's Not Unusual" is played weekly on WMMM 105.5fm in Madison, WI.

Two Madison Mayors have decreed FEB 1 as GOMER DAY in Madison, WI. Other awards and credentials: and

Latest News

Madison's terrifying Zombeatles just got a mention in the New Yorker:

- they'll be rocking UNDEAD on SAT FEB 6 w. the DOLLS OF DOOM Horror BOY & BURLESQUE, Angus MacAbre zombie comic and more at the ABBEY PUB in CHICAGO!!


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